I come from a long line of passionate readers and my obsession with books began at a very early age. I am grateful that publishers and authors have asked me to review some of their amazing work.

I seldom review anything that I don't feel is a special, worthy read, so you are unlikely to find anything but 4 &; 5 star reviews here. Basically, if I don't have something quite good to say I prefer not to say it.

One of my fondest memories is of sitting and reading high up in the generous arms of a willow tree whose branches hung out over the Hudson River in Fort Miller, New York - so the name of this blog honors that memory.

I tend to concentrate on history (non-fiction 10th to 17th centuries European)), historical fiction (European 11th to 17th centuries), textile and mixed media arts, craft and art. There are always exceptions to "my" rules!

My reviews are cross-posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, FaceBook and Pinterest.

Find more about me by going to my arts blog at :http://www.musingcrowdesigns.com

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