Monday, May 24, 2010

"Fabric Dyer's Dictionary " by Linda Johansen

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This is a new book that arrived today from C&T Publishing. Despite the fact the the author, Linda Johansen, and I share a last name -I don't know her. Ratz! My favorite dyeing books have always been Anne Johnston's and Elin Noble's. I started dyeing cloth by using them and always refer back to them. This book has a new place next to these others in my library. This is a book that I really, really like. It is written clearly, concisely and is exceptionally well illustrated. The book is laid out well. The basics are, of course, covered in the beginning of the book with detailed handling and mixing instructions. She also goes over the importance of record keeping - something that I was never very good at doing. I just always loved the kismet of the process - I liked never knowing what would happen. She compares the clear, muted and black colors offered by both ProChem and Dharma Trading. It's a handy little table.

Each page details instructions for using fat quarters, half yards and yards of fabrics.
This is a nice, handy way to present the needed information.

The pages below are for creating a rainbow. She delineates the process for clear, muted and dark rainbow colors. Clear, concise and easy to understand.
Linda Johansen has had 5 books, I think it is, published through C&T Publishing. I am so pleased to have this as an addition to my dyeing library. I think it's a book that will please anyone who has an interest in hand dyeing their own fabrics. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your wonderful local book store or directly through C&T Publishing.

The end of the book is devote to some specialty techniques; tie dying, rolling, patterning, layering, using dye powders and pleating and dipping

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karoda said...

Marie, I have this book also and plan to make it my season's dye book. As soon as I this quilt off my table and shipped I'll return to it. Do you think you'll be using it soon? We can compare notes.