Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Stitch, Cloth, Paper & Paint : Mixed Media Ideas and Inspiration" by Angie Hughes

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I am very fortunate that Search Press sent this book to me for review. I say fortunate because I get to drool over the book but also because, when I stopped to look at my own library, I was astounded at how many books I own that are from Search Press. Their books are lushly illustrated and always so well done. 

"Stitch, Cloth, Paper and Paint" could not have arrived at a better time for me personally. I was feeling somehow 'unfaithful' to my quilting roots by becoming so enamored with paper lately - this book happily combines all of the things I love working with.....cloth, paint and paper.

Angie Hughes is a name I have known - she writes often for a favorite magazine - Cloth, Paper Scissors. Her work is dynamic, colorful and terribly well executed. She describes herself as an embroiderer. The book opens with a thorough description (with photos) of the material selection that she utilizes most frequently - both what she calls 'base' fabrics and 'decorative'. Next up are great descriptions, that I especially appreciated, about paper and cardstock.  A section that is chock full of information about her use of embellishments and paints is included as well. I really enjoy reading about Angie Hughes process - a section that is well illustrated and contains a full of description of her techniques for reparing the base fabric, and then layering tissues and other fabrics round out the first part of the book.

Other sections of the book - all equally well done include:
  • machine stitching
  • hand stitching
  • adding paints
  • making your own embellishments from many varied materials
Detailed instructions are provided for several really good projects that combine all of the techniques covered in the book. They include a "Sunflower" book wrap, fabulous "Indian Artifact" and one of my favorites a "Sundial Triptych" that I want to try making soon - and it somewhat unusual for me to want to make something directly from a process sort of book.

If you get the idea that I really liked this book, you are correct. It is worthy of the 5 stars I gave it and it is a book that I don't think any artist or mixed media aficionado would regret adding to their library.

Note: this book was provided to me by Search Press for the purpose of an unbiased review. No other remuneration was received.


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