Thursday, November 4, 2010

5.25 inch (13.3350 cm) Treasures From Lark Studio Series

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Four of the delicious titles offered.

 These books are little treasure trove of inspiration. I really enjoy each and every one. These books are chock-a-block filled with color, form, innovation, simplicity, unique complexity and complete originality originality.  I decided that some photos would indeed, speak a million words in reviewing these books. The covers are all unique and I love the size of the books - but you have to seem soeme of the insides in order to really get an idea of the joy that each is filled with.

 pendant - perfect for the season - 
I had thought I would post this on Halloween until surgery interrupted my posting schedue!

 Ah! now this chairs looks interestingly comfortable!
 colorful and lush
 These hand made books are just amazing -
sparking my own imaginition to maybe give a handmader journal a try
 one book
 What a totally unique concept to the idea of bookmaking!
 Open and fold.
 I just could not resist the lovely stitching on this one!
 A joyful fairly tale of a book!
OOPS - my favorite tile at the'd that happen ??!!

Now how affordable are these little luxuries?!

disclosure note these books were supplied to me for the purpose of an honest review. No other remuneration was received

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