Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"San Juan Islands...and Beyond" by Karyn F. King

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I get to live in one of the most beautiful, most natural, places in the world and I am oh! so proud of it. I gave up a lot to live here and have never regretted my decision to move her for a moment. It's a little slice of genteel rural paradise.

Photographer Karyn F. King has made it her mission to document the wealth of natural beauty by having her book of amazing photographs published. Now, you too can enjoy the beauty of the place that I call home.
 This a map from the book - it depicts our county's island composition.
Here's a look of some these islands as seen from overhead - I've always considered them to be 'dream-scape' islands

Karen has included a wealth of images that cover many aspects of the Island's beauty. She has included photos of seals, otters, eagles, whales, many avian species, ducks, landscapes, sailing boats, docks , water sports, you name it - if's it's 'island related' it's in these pages! Karyn donates a full 25% of the proceeds from the sale of this book to : the Whale Museum (here on San Juan Island), ASPCA, World Wildlife Fund,Red Cross Disaster Fund, and the North West Organization for Animal Health - so this is a great "feel good" purchase.

Karyn wanted the books to be sold only through local venues so that the money stayed within our area. Copies of Karyn's amazing, beautiful book can bepurchased for $25.95 plus shipping etc at the following locations:

  • The Whale Museum: PO Box 945, Friday Harbor, Wa. 98250   Phone: 360-378-4710

We're blessed with some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets of anywhere in the world and Karyn has images of some of the best !
 Ferries - our main mode of transportation to the "America" as we call it when we go to the mainland. You get to our little slice of Paradise by ferry, aircraft or personal watercraft only!

Boating enthusiasts have long understood that our picturesque harbors offer some the world's best boating / sailing experiences to be found.

Get yourself a copy of Karyn F. King's wonderful book, do some good for the animals of the world by purchasing it and then sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and be prepared to be mesmerized!


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