Saturday, June 26, 2010

"101 Snappy Fashions: Oodles Of One Piece Designs For Babies" by Cathie Filian

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I am so far behind on my reviewing. It feels as though the time since I had the surgery has happened in warp speed - and yet, paradoxically, I have just been mostly watching the world go by. Thanks to the generosity of some lovely folks at one of my favorite publishing houses I have a wealth of books to choose from to review.  

As almost everyone on the planet knows babies go through a LOT of these one piece things called "onesies" when they are new, sweet smelling (most of the time)round armfuls of pure joy. Lets face it too these onesies are really boring and generic unless you shell out big bucks to buy the haute varieties at places that might remind me of Rodeo Drive for infants - you get the idea!

Cathie Filian begins this book with a wonderful dose of the basics - what sizes equate to how many pounds of the most perfect baby alive - things like that. She has an excellent section on dyeing; prepping he fabric to take the dye, mixing the dye (she uses simple cold water packets), how to make more than just one color of dye using only one color packet, and how to care for the garment after it is dyed and before it is worn. Well thought out and well written - this is an excellent section  - even for those who may have some experience using  dyes.

What follows are 101 ways to change the dull white look of onesies. There are so many ways that these utilitarian, necessary baby wear can be altered in small, inexpensive ways. Each section in this book offers a very well done set of basics on the particular technique. Who could have thought that there were so  many ways to to makes these garments fun?! 

Some of the listed ways to alter onesies to suit included in the book are: Dyeing, Painting, Embroidery, Applique, Ribbons and Trims, Iron-Ons, Patches, Cutting, Ripping, Tearing, adding Bling, special holiday motifs and a special section for bathing. There is even a section on how to throw a "snappy Baby Shower". Each section includes approximately 10 ideas for making a special onesie for the cutest little you know.  The books has a great section of applique and stencil like design so that you don't have to start from the beginning.

I was not sure what I would think of this book when I had a look at it because I am not around babies much but I have to say that I was, simply fascinated and wowed by the great ideas in this book. This is a book that will appeal to mother's of infants of course, but also to friends and relatives of babies. It's a fun book, crammed with information and ideas. This is one well thought out book that is really sure to please all of us who love babies - babies who are stylin' !

Note: this book was generously provided to me by the publisher for review purposes only. No other remuneration was either received or anticipated


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