Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Craft Corps: Celebrating The Creative Community One Story At A time" by Vickie Howell

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I have searched the net for a more vibrant rendering of this book cover but can't find one that I  am able to use. Face Book has one but I am not allowed to copy it. Of course, most crafter's know who Vickie Howell is. You can find the Vickie Howell's Craft Corp on Face Book and on Vickie's website.

I have a lot of books stacked here waiting for reviews - craft, art and historical fiction so I am going to try and get some of the reviews finished before I have to stick my toes back in the water at work next week. I really have to admit that when I saw this book my initial reaction was rather ambivalent. It did not seem like a book that was going to capture my imagination. Once again, I was surprised at myself because I did, and am, indeed, enjoying this book quite a bit. Thirty of the top crafters of today's burgeoning crafting movement are highlighted in depth through an interview with Vickie Howell - lots of questions and answers. Interspersed throughout the book though are also small blurbs about crafters just like you and I - these are all about a half page each. I have never been much for reading how other people create - I have to admit to being somewhat of a loner and I like to try tings out myself and see if I sink or swim before I go to an expert for help. Sort of like reading instructions - they are there to pull out when all else fails right? This book though makes it fun to learn about the experts work first before jumping in head first.

The famous names that Vickie interviews include people like Amy Butler, Ed Roth, Claudine Hellmuth, Alex Anderson, Traci Bautista, my own hero Mary Englebreit, Denyse Schmidt - well, you get the idea... the cream de la cream of the crafting community - but covering a multitude of craft areas. That's the cool thing. This is not a book about knitters, or jewelry makers or clothes makers or art journalers - it is about about all of it - the entire raft movement in in today's fast moving world.

Despite my initial reservations I was pulled into the book and found myself thoroughly enjoying the questions and answers that Vickie asked this group of the movers and shakers in the word of crafts and crafting. I actually did find it interesting to know what made some of these creative folks tick. What their first memories of crafting are, were they supported in the endeavors by their families?, important moments in their careers? All more interesting than I had thought it would be.  The book is chock full of fabulous ideas, unique and talented personalities that you can't help but learn something from as well as great photos and notable information about unique crafters who you may just want to keep an eye on. Lot's of blogs with eye candy to browse though along with a page of interesting community resources to check out and enjoy and a page of book club questions as well

"Craft Corps", published by Lark Books is a store house of great information, inspiration and interesting facts. If your interested in what makes well known, successful crafters tick, or if you are just a lover of well done craft and art work - this book is a good one to consider adding to your collection! Well done!

Please note: 
This book was kindly provided to for review purposes only - no other remuneration was received


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