Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Where Womena Create" Book Of Insporation" by Jo Packham and Jenny Doh

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There is a subtitle to this book that  is " In The Studio and Behind The Scenes With Extraordinary Women". The list of the creative women included in this book is impressive: Vickie Howell, Pam Garrison, Alisa Burke, Danita, Theresa McFayden, Joanna Figueroa, Angela Cartwright - as well as Jo Packham and jenny Doh - to name a partial list of the included amazing talent in the book!

Sometimes I tend to stay away from books and magazines that feature beautiful work spaces because I get jealous - I can't stand up in my own sewing area. Then I realize I am being childish and decide to have a look at the awesome places that people put together that allows them to create their art that makes us all so happy to look at!

When I first looked at this book I was not certain how I would feel about it - but it only took a few minutes to fall in love with it . There is so much to be learned from the artists that we admire. They "made it" because of the way they think and the way they work - so there is much to be gleaned by reading their personal stories and having a look into their private creative spaces.

This is another winning Lark Books publication that I think belongs in the library of any creative person who wants some inspiration, some new ideas - or to learn something from from other amazingly talented, creative artists. I had to give this 5 stars - which I seldom do - because it really is a lusciously illustrated, very well done book!

This book was provided to me by the publisher for the purpose of reviewing the book. No other remuneration was received

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