Tuesday, September 7, 2010

500 Gemstone Jewels by Lark Books

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I am not a jewel driven kind of gal - most of my money goes into art supplies and the comfy clothing that I chose to wear is not conducive to wearing too many jewels. Paint and glue would not be compatible with the unearthly beauty of the gems and jewelry displayed in this beautiful book! That being said - if I could have jewels such as the ones in this book I might take a second look at my clothes and make myself fit to wear these amazing pieces. Ah! To be wealthy enough to be able to collect some of this art-to-wear.

As I have mentioned before - I am a big fan of Lark Books publications and their compendiums are generally the best of the best. This is no exception to that rule. The jewelry that is displayed in this book is all pure eye candy and is sure to bring out the lust for personal adornment even to those of us who generally don't have a yen for bling - like me. This book is chock full of the latest and the greatest in modern jeweled adornment.You will find everything from pins,  earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings to odder things like a contact lens that is filled with gems - alien looking to be sure and I wonder how long it would be comfortable in your eye - but it looks great in the photo! There are small 'Earth Spirit Guides, small sculptures, airy tiaras fit for the highest of debutantes. Mostly though this is a book about personal adornment - haute jewels as it were. With few exceptions I would be over the moon to be able to own any of the glorious examples in this book. The photography - as is always the case with Lark Books is superb. There was nothing to do but give it 5 stars for being a book that I will take great pleasure at looking at over and over again - no, I don't think I can give this one up! Kudos to Lark and to the amazing artists that are featured in this book!

note: this book was provided to me by Lark books for the purposes of honest review. No other remuneration was received.

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