Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Mark Art

The PageKeeper is my current favorite - simplicity itself - but it works very well

As a life long bibliophile I have, on occasion, purchased or been given some lovely book marks that transcend the droll roll of marking your place in a book but rise to the level of Book Mark Art. Some markers hold memories, others are simply markers that work and work well, while others both work and are eye candy. I love book markers and think any true reader should experience the joy of having at least one beautiful marker. In case you are wondering - no I have not lost a marker - amazing but true and I AM knocking wood as I write that!

The PageKeeper noted above is simple and effective. It's my current favorite and I had to have at least two - that is a record for me - generally one of any kind is enough - but this one works so perfectly that I had to have more than one! I mean who reads only one book at a time?!

This is a "memory collection" and I love gracing the pages of my books with these beauties whose memories make me smile. The beautiful lace bookmark is from my friends Jim and Louise Lane. It's from Hampton Court Palace - a place I want to re-visit so much! I have never been able to take it out of it's wrapper! The "Creation" book mark was designed and made by my friend Julie Wildman - whose calligraphy is utterly spell binding - she is (can you tell?!) a calligrapher and graphic artist). The eagle book mark was given to me by Cathy Pike in 1992 when I left American Airlines to venture into an unknown life and re-invent myself. The plane was from when I got my pilot's license in 1983, the "No Puffin" marker is from a trip to Alaska and the Z is because it begins my last name - my maiden name I mean.

The group above is of the more "normal" flat variety, Alaska was from another trip to that breath taking state. The face is a favorite painting and was given to me by friend, Lauren Franciosi, The lighthouse just arrived on Friday from friend Karen. It's a lighthouse in Greenport, New York where I lived long ago. Karen lives there now and a group has had the lighthouse restored so she sent me this lovely reminder of another page in my life. The poem next to the lighthouse was sent to me by my adventure buddy, Sarah Smith - she moved away to to the East Coast and this small bookmark always keeps her near. Next is a marker that is from a salmon recovery project -my DH was involved with the recovery project in his own way for many years and this makes me think of those days when he went and feed 30,000 salmon babies twice a day until they were big enough to release. Next in the row is from author Brandy Purdy who writes historical fiction that I am quite fond of. She sent this with a book for me to review. The two markers on the bottom are from our local library and I just happen to fancy them a lot! Can you begin to imagine a world without reading and books? I sure can't!
A close up of the lighthouse and the friendship poem

AHHHHH - the two markers shown above are truly works of art. The are made by Hook Mark and they are very special. The one on the left is from friend Jim Lane. It was a Christmas gift one year. He gave his wife, Louise a cross - the Buddha for me. I had bought the less precious one on the right just because I loved the green glass. These are wonderful marks and make very special gifts. Lots to choose from.

Below on the left is some gizmo that works okay but more often than not manages to just get tangles on things. It works alright. I don't even remember what company makes it - but I did get it at a bookstore. I remember that much. On the right is a very efficient. lovely and usable maker made by Levenger. This is the largest size they make and it has a place for two pens - or a highlighter and a pen or pencil on the top. Beautifully well made and a good bargain to boot! They come in a smaller size for regular mass market small paperbacks - this one is more for trade sized books. They come in other colors and it's a very efficient marker!

That it for my short stroll through the Art of The Book Mark - at least those that I have. Odd how something so small can hold memories, be a work of art or elegantly hold your place in a great book. Yes, I do love book marks and am always open to trying out  a new one!

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