Sunday, February 20, 2011

"It Happened One Bite" by Lydia Dare

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  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (March 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402245077
Some of you may remember when I reviewed another book by this talented team "The Taming Of The Wolf" . If I was going to make a choice to buy - or not buy- these books based on the covers alone I can guarantee that they would not have made into my house. I am not, or so I have thought, a romance, bodice-ripper kind of gal. Lately, however, I have come to realize that many of my beloved historical fiction books are considered to be 'romance' books by those who are in a position to 'know' these categorizing details. I suppose then that it should come as no surprise that a very enjoyable book could also lurk between these rather tawdry covers. These are covers that make me want to consider buying a cover so that others won't see what I am reading!

"It Happened One Bite" is another utterly delightful romp into a romantic land where regular folks can inter-marry and co-mingle with  beautiful and handsome werewolfs (lycans) ,vampyers and witches.  This paranormal romance series is a delight; a rollicking romp through a world of romantic possibilities where every one's 'gifts' are appreciated and considered worthy.

Beautiful witch, Blaire Lindsey's brother Aiden inherits a key to the family inheritance of Briarcraig Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Unbeknownst to Blair,e this is the ancestral home of the "battle-born" witches. Blaire's mother was a battle-born and Lindsey inherited the battle-born legacy from her. Blaire had no knowledge about this family castle and found it odd that her mother had not passed down any information about it before her death. Blaire has heard rumor that the castle is haunted and, as soon as she and brother's enter the old rooms they feel a strange force at work.
 Blaire's brothers, Aiden and Brannock, did not inherit the same witchy qualities as Blaire has. They go about exploring the castle and the town; planning the cleaning and refurbishing of it and meeting and greeting some of the highland locals - even inviting two lovely young women and their father to dinner at the castle. No matter that the family does not, as yet, have a staff or operable kitchen. In the blink of a witches eye they're off to town to hire staff, a cook and supplies. In the meantime Blaire has discovered a locked basement room and, more to the point, she has heard odd sounds coming from the room.

What follows this puzzling discovery is a delightful tale of witches, battling vampyres (male and female) and werewolves (lycans) - that can all, when the proverbial chips are down, work together for the greater good. A love story between the last of the great battle ground witches and her vampyre love, James, Lord Kettering! There is a lot of action, love, and interaction of the species contained in the pages of this book - all of it thoroughly delightful -dare I say spell binding ! 

This series and these authors make me smile - and I want to read more of their inventive, rollicking good tales. If you can get away from the cover this is a truly entertaining, delightful book to while away a couple of the hours. You can't help but find yourself totally bewitched by the fun and imagination of it all!

Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher for the sole purpose of an honest  review. No other remuneration was received


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