Sunday, December 6, 2009

"The Sustainable Network" by Sarah Sorensen

I am always interested in books that make a case for sustainability – some of these books are dry as unbuttered toast, some posit the same suggestions that have been made time after time – few come up with anything novel. This book does just that.  In her book, “The Sustainable Network: The Accidental Answer for a Troubled Planet”, Sarah Sorensen suggests how networking can help to amplify the small things that each of us can do to aid our ailing planet.

Ms. Sorensen first defines her terms – networking meaning not only in terms of computers but also in terms of each and every one of and the influence we can have on others can be used to effect changes on the enviroment, technology, as well as social issues.

Some verbiage taken directly from The publisher, O’Rielly’s, states the books strong points best perhaps:

    1.Discover how the sustainable network connects us all, with examples of how it's already effecting change

    2.Understand how this network magnifies the impact of even the smallest change and newest idea

   3.Explore the role that various market and political forces play

    4. Learn how the network can be improved to better address environmental, economic, and social conditions
5.       Get practical advice that you or your business can follow now

Another interesting idea that Ms Sorensen postulates is that increasing available band width will make the internet, networking, more easily available to people, businesses and governments – which, she believes, will lead to ‘faster innovation’. Interesting concept – and ,perhaps, correct.

As I understand this book, we can all be considered as spokes on a wheel – all of us are part of that network. The books calls each of us, every person, very business and every government , to take up a role in enabling the network as a whole to use it’s cumulative power to effect positive changed for out planet.

I liked this book more than I thought I would. In places it is a bit dry but all in all it is a very readable, very positive book that I think belongs on many bookshelves. Each of us, as part of a whole network, can effect positive change one step at a time.



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