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500 Art Quilts: An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work . A Must Have Book For Any Fiber Enthusiast

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500 Art Quilts is another delicious book published by one of my all time favorite art/craft publishing houses, Lark Books.  I had so hoped to be able to submit a piece for consideration for this book - but this year health issues kept me from being as aware of deadlines as I should have been and I lost the opportunity. I am thrilled, however, to have been given the opportunity to review this book because I knew that it was going to be a really important library addition.

For those of you who may not be aware of Lark books - their publications are always beautifully produced. They use high quality paper that even feels nice in your hand. I am a book sniffer and feeler and Lark books are always a pleasure to hold and page through. Perhaps one of the most important things is that Lark's photography is second to none in my opinion. Every Lark book that I have ever owned has been a keeper. Amazingly, for all of the high quality that goes into every Lark book they pricing is remarkable reasonable. No, I am not affiliated with Lark - other than having the opportunity to review this book - just a very happy book hoarder.

This 8 inch square (20.32 cm) 432 page book is filled with art - textile/quilt art - in all of it's myriad forms and fantastical colors. 346 quilt artists are represented in this book .The quilts were juried by the quilt world's own Karey Bresenhan, founder and President of Quilts,Inc. To note just a few of the artists that are included: Pamela Allen  -  Alice Beasley - Jane Burch Cochran  -  Judith Content  -  Chiaki Dosho  -  Noriko Endo  -  Caryl Bryer Fallert  -  Jamie Fingal  -  Linda Gass  -  Jenny Hearn  -  Judy Coates Perez  -  Yvonne Porcella  -  Susan Shie  -  Jen Swearington - Sarah Smith - Diana Bracey & Stacy Hurt.  The best of the best are included in this book that spans works from 1989 to 2008. The book includes a wide variety of topics;  portraits, landscapes, dream works, pictorial, abstracts, traditional with a twist and an even wider variety of techniques. 

This book is simply a must have book for any textile art enthusiast. It's a book that you will return to again and again for inspiration and enjoyment. There are quilts that with energize you , quilts that will calm you, quilts that will make you think and quilts that will make you say "WoW"!  Get this book - you won't be disappointed!
Sarah Ann Smith

Stacy Hurt

Left: Eileen Doughty  Right: Ludmila Aristova

Diana Bracey
Dottie Moore

Disclosure Note:
This book was provided to me by the publisher for review purposes only - no other remuneration was received

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