Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Pretty Little Mini Quilts" by Ray Hemachandra, Larry Shea (Editor) and Lark Books

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"Pretty Little Mini Quilts" is the latest Lark Book from the "Pretty Little..." line. These books are always little treasures that contain an eclectic assortment of whatever the "Little Book" is covering. The book itself is a comfortable to hold size of 8.24 inches X 8.25 inches (20.955cm X 20.955cm). The book's description "...more than two dozen talented designers create 31 mini quilts that look to the past as they rush forward to a fresh future...". An apt description since the books contains the best of traditional, what I like to call 'traditional with a twist, and whimsical art quilts. There really is something for everyone in this lovely little book!  None of these small art works is larger than 36 inches (91.4 cm) in length or height.

The basics pages covers everything that you might need or want to know about how to create your own mini masterpiece. Covering what basic sewing tools you will require (measuring tape, scissors,pins, tailor's chalk, rotary cutter and mat etc etc. All types of quilting materials (cottons, linen, fleece felts, interfacings, fusible webs) are covered as is a really comprehensive section on quilting techniques that covers both machine and hand stitching and how to build a quilt; piecing, attaching borders, appliqueing, embroidering etc. A jam packed how to section that is condensed yet very thorough.

Each quilt pattern relates the things that are needed to make the quilt, the finished size, and detailed instructions for each step of the quilt journey!  This is a small book that packs a lot of enjoyment between its pages. You will find yourself returning to it often for a fresh idea or a new technique. I think it would make a welcome addition to any fiber, quilt and/or textile enthusiast! It's available at Amazon - or at your very important, local, bookstore.

This is another in the 'Pretty Little" series. I've had this book for several years and love it ! I
was pleased and excited when I was offered the opportunity to review "Pretty Little Quilts" !

My friend Sarah Smith has this wonderful little quilt called the "Elusive Batiky Bird" in the book.

Here is an example of what a wonderful mini quilt made from a traditional pattern !

This fabulous portrait quilt is by Susan Lewis Storey

This one I consider tradition (applique) with a twist (the wonderful labyrinth)

Traditional paper piecing lends itself artfully to the making of a mini quilt!

Embroidery lends itself to one of my favorite whimsical little quilts in the book! 
It's by Aimee Ray

Disclosure Note:
This book was provided to me by the publisher for review purposes only - no other remuneration was received

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