Sunday, March 7, 2010

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and fabric Crafts

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I have to admit to being a real admirer of almost all things Martha Stewart-ish. I am no champion house-keeper nor am I a crafting wizard but I do always enjoy the Martha Stewart Magazine and website. In this age of wonderful craft & sewing books -I think that any book that would dare to call istself a 'crafting encyclopedia' would have to be pretty darn sure of itself and this encyclopedia does not disappoint. As always with Martha Stewart products, the instructions are well written & beautifully illustrated. You can find information and "how-to's" about a wonderful, very wide, variety of crafts. General sewing, specialty sewing, embroidery of all kinds,quilting ,applique, printing, dyeing, and many, many other types of craft projects are included in this very well done book. In addition to the book a CD included that contains many templates and patterns that can be printed out . Also included is an extensive reference guide for all kinds of great sewing and crafting suppliers, equipment and fun things.

This book is, I believe, an excellent addition for any sewer, crafter or "Martha wannabe". Well done, clear, colorful and highly informative! I should perhaps add that this book is not an in-depth sort of book but I think that it gets you where you want to go with most all of the instructions and projects.

Disclosure Note:
This book was provided to me by the publisher for review purposes only - no other remuneration was received

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