Thursday, November 26, 2009

Historical Fiction - A Life Long Passion

There are so many varieties of books in this wonderful world, but I have to admit that I have long been addicted to historical fiction - especially European history from the 15th through the 17 centuries . For as long as I can remember I have read books about European history -  & I can clearly recall my rather young interest in all things York & Tudor. This interest, far from waning, has grown stronger as I have gotten older. I wonder why though? I am a similar, though far less strong pull toward Oriental history - but it is Oriental art, rather than the history really, that calls to me.

Do many of you have a particular area of history that calls to you? Does one place make you 'feel' more comfortable? I feel as though I can crawl right into a book about European, well, alright about British history, and walk right alongside the characters. Of course the skill of the author and the subject matter also goes far to holding enthralled in the pages. I don't discriminate either - I love non-fiction just about as much as fiction.

I would love to know what sort of books you enjoy reading- and why? What kind of books " take you away"? What kind of books sing to you and make you stay up late reading them?

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