Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: "The Lie: A Novel" by Fredrica Wagman

                                                                *   *   *   (three out of 5 stars)

First I would like to welcome everyone to my latest blog which will be devoted entirely to books. I will be reviewing all sorts of books here &I  hope that I will offer will be something to please everyone. Please consider following me here on Books By The Willow Tree.

My first review on my new blog is for "The Lie:A Novel" by Fredrica Wagman. I chose it because it is a book that I have been meaning to review for some time and felt that I owed it to the author and the publisher to finally review the book .

I did not know what, exactly, I was expecting when I began reading this book but it was, surely not what I found. This book is 214 pages that recount the psychology of a girl/woman & her journey to self. Growing up with the mind set of the 50's, the books protagonist, Ramona, takes us through her life; a life in which she finds a myriad of heart break and bewilderment; loss & sorrow. From the abusive home in which Ramona grows up - the daughter of an abusive father and a narcissistic mother - to the sorrows of marriage to ' the most understanding of men ' - we view Ramona's struggle to survive her deepest pains & sorrows.

I found this book to be unique for sure. It was dark & a bit disturbing to me. This book can be read as a metaphor for some of the struggles that women, in general, face. I am not certain that this book would be for everyone but I will say that it provides you with a lot to think about. I believe that Ms. Wagman has real talent for getting to the pith of matters and that she relates her take on things in a most unusual, beautifully written, way.


Judy said...

can't wait to see what all you're reading.

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Lovely blog! I'm your first follower!