Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Scraps" by Elsebeth Gynther & Christine Clemmensen

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Second to my love of historical fiction & history books  is my love for all books art & craft. I thrive on looking at a variety of different books for inspiration.

"Scraps" by Elsebeth Gynther & Christine Clemmenson is a captivating new title from Lark Books about mixed media & collage. The subtitle of this book is ' an inspirational field guide to collage' and I think that about sums it up. The authors walk you through all of the basics of collage; what materials you need, where to find materials, the qualities of paints & other coloring methods, how to 'loosen up' & free yourself to begin your work - and finally they answer the question "when is a collage finished?" - see page 71!

The table of contents :

I have found several things in this book that I really want to do. I have a very special journal from Jenni Bick Book Binders that I have been hoarding for a special purpose - and I found it in 'Scraps'... make an alphabet book ! What a great idea !

Another captivating project from the book  is  creating envelope art- this is  especially relevant to me since I have been making & mailing art cards a lot lately!

The book guides you through issues that always come up when making collage & mixed media art. What do I do if I don't want to glue or cut a special item? Answer: sew it in! What kind of glues are best to use with special, treasured items? Answer: acid free. There is a lengthy discussion of what sort of glue is best for what & what each glue is best used for. Other sections of the book discuss paper types, composition, "first aid for collages in distress" and on & on. This is one great "go to" book for collage and mixed media enthusiasts.

There are several pages in the book with inspired ideas for jump-starting your work; creating patterns,  & a wide variety of theme ideas. Fun things that just gets your mind in gear to make art!

I really went over this book and tried hard to think of a reason to NOT give it five stars - but I could not think of anything the books lacks, nor anything that would have made it better or more inspiring. This really is a 5 star, gotta have book for anyone who wants to improve their collage & mixed media art work. I feel in love with this book without really meaning to ! It's an addition to your library that you won't regret!

Note: A proof of this book was provided to me for reviewing purposes- no other remuneration was involved.


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